City of Oak Ridge, TN permit information

Homeowners may obtain a building, electrical and/or plumbing permit without having a Certificate of Insurance. The homeowner can only obtain electrical and plumbing permits when he/she is the owner and occupies the single family residence in question (see home owner affidavits that are required to be signed). The homeowner is encouraged to meet with the electrical inspector or the plumbing inspector before obtaining a permit. A homeowner may build one house every two years for their personal residence with a homeowner’s permit. Proof of Workman’s Compensation Insurance is required for single family units, or an affidavit for exemption must be submitted.  (courtesy of The City of Oak Ridge website, for full version click below)

Remember sheds, fences, pools, concrete work, banners and signs all require a permit.  Please click the full list and the ability to apply for a permit below.

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City of Oak Ridge codes and permits